Carlo Busetti was born in 1964 in Trento, Italy. Versatile and surprisingly sensitive, Carlo Busetti is among the most renowned contemporary digital artists.

He graduated in engineering, a job that he continues along with art, specializing in projects that meet the needs of the new human conscience; first and foremost, creating wooden buildings, also abroad. Here, Carlo brings out all his passion for ecology by creating new, innovative human habitats.

He has been passionate about arts since an early age. His natural inclination for technological evolution has allowed him to express himself in digital painting with a renewed creativity, which has brought him praise and consideration by many critics.

Busetti is represented by art manager Loredana Trestin (pictured with Carlo), a respected professional in the art world.

Carlo, poliedric and intuitive artist, imagines and signs off various forms of expression of his art - be it in fashion accessories, furniture, and in the innovative calorArt.