Fill Gazzola was born in 1965 in Treviso, Italy. Imaginative and versatile, Flavio (known as Fill) Gazzola works on the design of interiors, locations and fashion with inspiration and innovative creativity. He is considered one of the liveliest designers in Italy.

After arts high school, he studied architecture and communications. Extremely curious, Fill has also attended many learning courses, including “Photography and Visual Composition” at the arts high school in Treviso and the Academy of Fine Arts, “Decorative and Architectural Composition”, and “Textile and Tailoring” at the Marzotto professional institute.

In 2006, he represented Italy at a series of events carried out by Wuhan Textile University in The People’s Republic of China, where he was also a guest in several TV shows.

Fill Gazzola was a member of the Cultural Commission at the Friends of Arts Cultural Association in Cervia, Italy, until 2018.

Fascinated by the idea that creativity can be applied to all fields, Fill believes that “creative gestures” are a high form of art expression. With this in mind, he has always tried to turn this idea into work experiences that seem far from one another, but that actually are not.

Today, Fill is working on various projects - from a fashion collection to a hotel makeover - and within my management, namely for the innovative calorArt.