This touchingly intense photo depicts Cristina Sarti after her show “Appunti di Viaggio”. It shows all the emotions and quiet awareness of who has given everything there was to give…


I am like [seagulls] in perpetual flight. I skim life like they do with the water catching food. And perhaps like them too, I cherish quietness, the great quietness of the sea, but my fate is to live wavering in the gale.

Seagulls  by Vincenzo Cardarelli


Cristina Sarti was born in Lunigiana in 1978. When she turned 18, she started her artistic and life independence.

She graduated in political science at the University of Pisa and she made her debut as an actress in 2004 at the Versiliana Festival with Antonio Salines and Corinne Clery.

In 2006, she earned a degree at Teatro Stabile’s Theatre Academy in Trieste, deepening her knowledge on the Strasberg method with Michael Margotta, coach at the Actors Studio in New York.

Her career continued first in Rome, again with Salines and Mascia Musy, and then in Milan, where she joined Giulio Bosetti’s cast temporarily before being confirmed for two more shows.

Today, Cristina is Art Director at the Accademia Teatrale Professionale in Pisa, where I met her.

Cristina is an actress, director, dramatist and a beautiful woman with a diva flair, and although she could consider herself one thanks to her undeniable skills, she stays humble and down to earth.

Recently, I went to one Cristina Sarti’s shows and I could feel the sublime and touching art of acting coming from the stage, only like great artists are able to do.

Elegance and cultural knowledge are two more distinguishing features that I found in Cristina, who gladly accepted my invitation to become calorArt’s testimonial, despite always being extremely busy with her work.

Thank you for being here, Cristina.


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