The art piece that spreads warmth and 

suffused lighting in a soothing environment

calorArt def_2png was created by Antonio Petracca in 2013 under a different name as an innovative decorative heatings ystem.

Like the most recent version, calorArt consisted of modular box-shaped elements made from steel and frontal panels made from tempered glass. Buyers had the option to customize the design on the panels to their liking.

This first version was introduced between 2015 and 2017 at a series of national events and was well received by design and interior professionals.

However, Antonio was not completely satisfied with these first results, as it had imagined calorArt to stand out in terms of uniqueness and as an object that could evoke emotions.

In 2018, a group of friends from different backgrounds gathered in Genoa and built a team around calorArt to give it a unique identity inspired by its intrinsic originality.

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Since then, both the logo and the concept have been revisited. It’s the start of a deeper study of forms, shapes and meaning, which will be created by one artist only: Carlo Busetti.  Busetti has signed a limited edition of 33 units. A few of them draw inspiration from color psychology, a branch of natural medicine that studies what effects colors have on the human psyche to balance out emotional harmony.

calorArt’s backlighting can be controlled remotely and completes its wellness effect.

When necessary, calorArt spreads warmth through an electric resistance and a circulator to exchange water between the different modules. This means that calorArt simply works by plugging it into a socket.

While refining calorArt, the team has thought of the possibility of having water receive information, following studies that mention how water can understand messages and give energy in return (ENERGY TESTS ON WATER PROPERTIES - METRIC EVALUATION OF WATER’S ENERGY POTENTIAL).

Two well-known researchers get involved in the process, Daniele Gullà - anthropometric technical consultant - and Marco Morelli, MD - specialized in neurorehabilitation and EBS therapy. They carried out several tests with their equipment and summarized the results in their study (RISULTATI ANALISI ESPERIMENTO DISPOSITIVO CALORART - Dr. Marco Morelli, C.T.A. Daniele Gullà).

For calorArt, Marco Morelli, MD, has crafted a special mechanism in his lab in Ferrara, by which water is “informed” through the entry point of calorArt’s circuit.

Morelli’s methodology resembles Tesla Tower’s information transmission process: information coming from the sky as cosmic rays combines with telluric radiations coming from the earth. The informed materials bear characteristics that can be verified and that can balance brain and muscle reflexes, posture, and muscle tone.

After these first experiments, intrigued by some articles, the property contacts a talented young researcher, Mariangela Vanalli , who, enthusiastic about the project, joins the team proactively.

Immediately afterwards, contact takes place with Alberto Negri, President of Spazio Tesla - a non-profit association, with which he will begin a process of study and strategy.

The result was a very important meeting with Prof. Piergiorgio Spaggiari, known to be one of the greatest medical and physical professionals in the world. He has been an important reference for the General Coordination of calorArt, specifically for the supervision of the second phase of consultations and experiments.

Further observations were carried out by anthropometric expert Daniele Gullà in Florence on 6 February 2021, under remote supervision of Professor Piergiorgio Spaggiari. With the help of an advanced digital camera (Mira), they were able to observe interesting outcomes despite the 1.5 m distance between the calorArt device and the monitored subjects (in respect of Covid19’s distancing rules).
calorArt’s activated parts included the recirculation of the internal water and the radiant colored panels. Examinations were carried out with an HSI camera on the scattering of reflected futons by the body and the measurement of facial micromovements, which showed an improved stability in the subjects exposed to the active device.
Moreover, a breathing analysis with the OFF and ON device showed that in around 80% of the cases, there’s a significant difference in the breathing depth among the subjects examined.
Also the environment without people with the OFF and ON device showed differences in terms of localized entropy.

calorArt stands out with a bold design and is inspired by quantum physics and the process of delivering information to water.

calorArt def_2png is the art piece that spreads warmth and suffused lighting in a soothing environment, becoming a radionic project.