Mariangela Vanalli


The dream of the young researcher from Bergamo is to take part in the creation of a network for geriatric assistance in Lombardy.

Mariangela Vanalli, researcher from Cisano Bergamasco, took part in the eighth international conference on methodologies and systems for advance learning…

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 (Article from the 22 February 2020)


Mariangela Vanalli was born in 1987. She graduated at the University of Milan “La Bicocca” as a Nurse, Midwife, and Health Professional and completed her Nursing and Public Health PhD at the university of Rome “Tor Vergata”;

She is Project Manager in the Validation Area/Appliances Qualification for ATS, ASST, EEPA and public health bodies.

She is a member of the International Research Projects Office IN-ICT-CARE, and "Innovation Through ICT in Care Homes” at the University of Granada, Spain,

She is a member of the Ethical Department at the IRCCS Foundation at San Matteo General Hospital in Pavia;

She teaches Nursing and Human Sciences, and History of Medicine at the Medicine and Surgery Department in Monza;

She revises articles of the American science magazine “Applied Clinical Informatics” around topics of digitalization “IMPACT FACTOR 2018: 1.306”;

She is the author of various innovative projects and publications on scientific, health, and social welfare topics;

In 2019, she was among the rapporteurs at the press conference “Chronic diseases that affect 50% of the elderly” at the Italian Senate;


Shortly after she became co-promoter of the Italian Committee for the Adherence to Therapy (CIAT), for a research project named “Management and evaluation of the interoperability of health data to monitor therapeutic adherence”.

At the same time, Antonio Petracca – after having read some of Mariangela’s posts and articles - contacts her to inform her of an ambitious project for which he owns the patent.

A few months later, during an event, Mariangela meets Petracca and Andrea Flavi; Flavi shows her calorArt, a design artwork that spreads warmth and suffused lighting creating a soothing environment. calorArt takes inspiration from cromology and water informatization.

Shortly after, Mariangela joins calorArt’s team to verify the possibility to use the device to reduce comportamental and cognitive disorders in patients who tested 19 or below in a Mini Mental Test, or who are affected by multiple diseases related to Alzheimer’s.

Tests and experiments will follow to verify its effects, with the supervision of world-famous scholar Professor Piergiorgio Spaggiari, who was interviewed by Mariangela on February 29 2020. It’s the start of a promising synergy.

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