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A genius idea always starts from the mind of those who have been looking for it...


About him...

Mediterranean flair, a captivating smile, and a trustworthy attitude: this is Antonio Petracca at a glance.

He moved to the City of Art in the Eighties and then relocated to Florence, where he’s currently living and working.

Starting off with a small building company, he turned the business into a refined renovation project of prestigious real estate: "RistrutturArte".

Antonio Petracca has collaborated with illustrious professionals, becoming one of the protagonists when it comes to renovating real estate and personalizing spaces and volumes.

As for interior design, Antonio has ideated "calorArt", a backlit art piece that does not only spread light but also warmth, creating a soothing atmosphere. calorArt is a unique and innovative piece realized on stratified and tempered glass - virtually undestroyable.

The synergic cooperation with digital artist Carlo Busetti, who exclusively signs all of the calorArt pieces, and with designer Fill Gazzola, who regularly revises the design, has turned an object into a high-class and distinguished mural. calorArt is the perfect frame for refined and elegant spaces - both at home or in the workspace.  

Moreover, calorArt often creates custom-made designs for prestigious brands to decorate elegant showrooms.