for disability


Leonardo Gestri was born in 1961 in Florence. 

After high school, he joined his family’s business - a high-quality shoe retailer in the heart of Florence, near Piazza del Duomo.

This experience was very important for Leonardo, allowing him to establish a good position in the Florentine entrepreneurial scene.

 A good-hearted, generous person with a multifaceted-dynamic spirit, Leonardo got more and more interested in volunteering and helping those in need.

 He actively joined Unitalsi (Italian National Union of Transport for the ill to Lourdes and International Sanctuaries) as President for nine years, where he will understand the importance of helping others, which will inevitably also influence his professional path.


During this time, Leonardo left the shoe business to pursue a more dynamic way to express himself - including making use of the human experience gained at Unitalsi and turn it into concrete actions to support disability.

This is when he joined real estate agency Remax Ideale, where he will get the opportunity to work in real estate while keeping in mind living spaces suitable for people with disabilities or senile diseases.

Believing that in life nothing happens by chance, Leonardo met Antonio Petracca in 2013, a Florentine entrepreneur by adoption. Antonio had developed an original designer radiator that, in the next few years, will change concept and become calorArt .

This project will nicely connect to Leonardo’s purpose to dedicate his own professional and human experience to those in need or to alleviate suffering.

Antonio Petracca and his son Lorenzo run also a renovation and building business whose name identifies its core qualitative level: "RistrutturArte"

The versatility, ingenuity, skillset and honesty of the people behind RistrutturArte offer Leonardo a safe space where to bring real estate that requires a high-quality renovation, specifically real estate that needs to be adapted to people with disabilities or with invalidating senile diseases.

This is the start of a friendly collaboration that unites shared ideals, where profit is not necessarily at the first place, following a concept that is very close to the economy of communion.


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