Why RistrutturArte? Antonio Petracca’s company is not just about renovation, but applying art to the renovation process. Whether it’s about a Tuscan style conservative approach or renovating private spaces and luxury stores, RistrutturArte brings a new life to any estate, with the finishing touch that only artists can give.

Via della Chiesa, Florence

Villa Artimini, Florence

Via Lorenzo Il Magnifico, Florence

Via Venezia, Florence

Tuscan conservative renovation by RistrutturArte at Villa Il Puglia

If you choose RistrutturArte for renovations or new housing, you won’t have to think about hiring single professionals like electricians, plumbers or painters - RistrutturArte will organize and coordinate the work from start to finish. With more than 30 years of experience, RistrutturArte will deliver a complete, final job, including ground levelling and layering of foundations.

RistrutturArte inside Florence's historical palaces